What We Do


Stelno are experts in freight considerations that minimise client down time and maximise cost savings.  They also manage the myriad of other decisions affecting your scheduling and customer delivery commitments.

Whether it’s deploying air freight advantages of fast transportation and reliable arrival and departure schedules to expedite transitions, or understanding that your cargo has security and minimised handling and documentation requirements, Stelno have you sorted.

Shipping large volumes to extensive destination delivery points globally, is one of Stelno’s strengths.  Sea shipping is an economical and environmentally friendly transport option, with a diversity of cargo and packing options available through our connected and extensive networks.


A trustworthy customs brokerage service is a steadfast part of Stelno’s strength in navigating the legal procedures and of course, documentation to complete throughout the transportation journey.

Planning and organising international forwarding of freight by air transport, reviewing contracts, insurance, risk and liability in an international freight forwarding context and keeping our trusting clients abreast of the latest developments, is straight-forward for Stelno.

Special freight transport services, including dangerous goods and special cargo, as well as compliance with biosecurity border clearance are highly specialised service areas in which Stelno strive for best practice.


Stelno staff manage people and performance – the key drivers to planning a successful and seamless project or event at any destination. Quality customer service starts with pre-journey planning, booking, advice and consultation on the best approach to every aspect of delivery.

Seamless logistics requires planning for the known and the unforeseen.  Stelno’s streamlined project management moves complex freight including large, diverse or unusual materials.  Their extensive experience for heavy lift or indivisible cargo ensures all components of your project will come together at the pre-planned time with minimised risk, cost and delay.

Strategic Stelno tracking and communications technology provides a personalised and integrated process for your stress-free experience.


LCL (Less than Container load in normal weight or quantity) service offering abilities and proficiency depend heavily on several factors including having the scale of operations and delivery schedules to optimise this type of delivery approach as well as possessing an intricate knowledge of storage and packing compatibilities.

Our clients realise that it would be a time and cost intensive exercise to gain comparable freight quotes for their LCL requirements. Stelno’s strength in combining multiple LCL shipments is our way of paying it forward to our customers, providing a combined partnership approach with mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.  


Engagement of the Stelno Group as your 3PL supplier means we handle your whole supply chain (often including the paperwork and insurances) warehousing, storage and logistics.  

This type of access to advanced new technologies, cross-docking and tracking services as well as the management of foreign policy and regulation for shipping, alleviates a lot of stress for our customers.

3PL maximises opportunity for economies of scale, capitalising on diverse and comprehensive resources and networks and can often equate to cost savings of up to 25%. Particularly beneficial for start-ups, SMEs and companies in strong growth mode who are focused on business development and want to eliminate the freight equation from internal operations, 3PL helps get stock into the hands of a growing customer-base more readily and efficiently.


Stalwarts in the transportation market, Stelno have over 90 years’ industry experience in the quick and scheduled delivery of domestic and interstate deliveries, via road, rail and air freight. 

From their guaranteed reliability for local road freight deliveries (even in rural areas) to their flexible, cost-effective long rail hauls and air freight, Stelno cross time and geographical barriers with tracking and communications efficiencies that monitor the safety and integrity of all aspects of a project.

Passing forward their packing and loading savings, Stelno deliver the best transport solutions for your domestic and interstate transport needs.


Stelno understands that the flow of information is just as important as the flow of the transportation in ensuring your products are arriving in a timely and secure manner.  The Group’s co-ordinated and systemised approach to combined, connected and transparent communications is essential.

Collaborative teamwork, sharing of information, resources and knowledge provides additional power to excel in our field of supplying cost-effective, reliable and timely transportation solutions for the highest customer satisfaction.

Stelno’s transport and logistics service scope engages intermediaries and a large database of suppliers offering more competitive prices and options than those with limited connections.


Stelno’s “Door to Door” delivery (including combined agency networks) ensures freight forwarding from shipping container, to warehouse, to port, to consignee warehouse, including customs’ clearances and insurances where required.

Our ability to capitalise on multi-modal transport offers efficient and cost-effective delivery options that take advantage of all modes of transport to reduce the distance of travel between the supplier and consumer.

With a combined transport strategy, freight can be delivered anywhere in the world under one document with complete transparency in trackability and complete accountability through the trusted Stelno strength.


Customer focus is ingrained in our corporate “One Team” philosophy within the Stelno Group.  Just as we understand your expectations as our customer, we understand that your customers rely on you for fast, efficient transport solutions to connect your product (and brand) with their needs and obligations.

Our extensive regular and express delivery options provide a cost-efficient alternative to a ‘courier’ and offer a same day or overnight pick-up and delivery service. With real time signatures and item-based scanning, once we’ve cleared your parcel post shipment, we can track your package to delivery address shown on the package and to the smile shown on your customer’s face.